Card Forces

Importance of Knowing Card Forces

Have you ever wanted to perform easy card tricks that are extremely mind-boggling? Well, let me start off by safely assuring you that you have stumbled upon the exact right place. In this post, I will teach you folks many very simple card forces. And you can apply these forces to perform cool card tricks.

To be a spectacular card trick magician, you need to know how to force a card into a specific position. For instance, if a spectator picks a card, you should be able to control it to the top/bottom of the deck without them having any clue about this. With knowing how to do this, you can perform several card tricks. Let’s say that you control their card to the top of the deck. Take a quick peek at the card, and then make up whatever drama that you want to. I am sure that they will be amazed that you know their card. This is one of the card forces that is very important to know.


Marked Deck!

Now, I know that controlling a card to a specific position in a deck can be a bit hard. Another simple way to know a spectator’s card is by using a marked deck! This is a special Bicycle Deck, which has the markings of each card on the back. This is in white since in a Bicycle Deck the cards have white print on the back.

As you can see, there are 4 “angels” in each corner. Well, a little bit under the top left angel is where the markings are made. When I say “markings”, I mean that if the card is a court card (Jack, Queen, or King) the initial of the first letter of the card are made and the suit is drawn next to that. For example, if the card was King of Spades, there would be a K written under the “angel” and a spade symbol. However if it is a number card, the number is written with the suit next to it. For instance, if the card is 3 of clubs, there would be a 3 and a clubs symbol next to it.

Even if the spectator wants to view the cards, they can because I strongly doubt that they will see the markings. This is because since Bicycle cards have a lot of drawings and things on the back of the card, it makes it hard to spot the markings. Though, this does not apply for if you are the magician and know where the markings are located. Because if you know the location, it is extremely easy to quickly glance at.


Make Your Own Marked Deck!

Now, you are probably thinking that you don’t want to really buy the marked deck. And yes, I highly agree with you, as most marked decks can be very expensive. However, in this post I will teach you folks how to make your own marked deck. And this is extremely quick and easy.

So on a marked deck, the marking are under the top left corner’s “angel”, remember? So all you have to do, is get a white pen and mark the card there. That’s all! But remember that you can only do need a Bicycle deck, so you can camouflage the markings. Otherwise, the spectator will clearly see your markings.  Lastly, you may want to make your markings curved, a little bit in cursive style. This is because all of the drawings on the Bicycle cards are curved.

Bicycle CardThe picture may be a little hard to see, but just watch the video and you’ll be able to see this same thing, with much better quality.

Other than those few simple steps, you will create your own marked deck. Having a marked deck isn’t really anything to do with card forces, but it is a way to know your spectator’s card. With a marked deck, you can perform several mind-blowing tricks and have a lot of fun with it. I hope that you love your new deck!


Don’t Have Your Deck Yet?

Buy your Bicycle deck now for a REALLY good price. And then–you can start marking it, as I will show you how to do in the video below!



Extremely Easy Card Force

Let me teach you guys a few other very simple card forces on how to know your spectator’s playing card. So, for one simple force, what you can do is setup the deck Ace through King. This can be in any suit order that you would like as long as you remember it. I like to do it in CHASED order; clubs, hearts, spades, and then diamonds. Just make sure that you remember the order that you put your suits in. Now you are ready for this simple card force. Ask a spectator to touch the back of any card in the deck, as you are scrolling through them in your hand. Every time that you scroll through a card and put it in your other hand, count in your head. So if they stop you at like 9, you know that their card is the 9 of (whatever suit you put first). Just remember that the Jack=11, Queen=12, and King=13. Now, if they stop you after 13 cards, just remember the suit that you are currently on. After every thirteen, reset your counting back to one. If you are confused with this explanation, just go down to the bottom of the page, where I have put together a YouTube video explaining this with a little more detail. That will probably be to your benefit if you watch it, because explaining all these things in writing (I must admit), is a bit hard.


“Peeling Only From The Top”–Card Force

Now, let me teach you guys some other card forces, ways to know your spectator’s card. This is an impromptu trick, a trick that requires absolutely NO setup. After the spectator shuffles the deck to their satisfaction, be sure to glance at the bottom card. It doesn’t really matter if they see you do so, but try not to let them see you, by taking a quick glance at it. After you have done this, tell the spectator that you are going to have them pick a card, but that you are going to make it a little different than usual. You are going to want to grab about 30-40 cards from the BOTTOM of the deck, and put them in your other hand. Then, place the cards on the portion that has about 12 cards, leaving a little break with your fingers there. The spectator can totally know this. Keep peeling of cards the top, and pretend like you are shuffling the deck. The spectator will totally fall for this. Tell them that whenever they stop you, you will put that pile of cards in front of them and give them the bottom card. However, whenever they stop you that card will always be the card at the bottom of the deck. Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page and watch the YouTube video that I have made, which gives much better instruction on how to do all of these card forces.



There are of course many other card forces out there, such as the riffle force. Though, I believe that those are a little advanced for beginners and thought that I would pick the easiest forces, that are also the most amazing. I can guarantee you that once you master these card forces (which will not be every long), you will be able to completely amaze people. I hope that you liked this post and that it was helpful. Enjoy the video below, and don’t forget to come back to my website soon for more card tricks!

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