Card Spring



What Is A Card Spring?

What’s going on guys? In this video, I am going to teach you how to perform a card spring. You may not yet be familiar with this term. A card spring is when you release cards from one hand and catch it in the other hand. It is a really cool looking effect, which is quite simple to do. You can use it in a bunch of magic tricks. Let me teach you it.



The grip of the cards is the absolute key to getting a terrific card spring. That’s basically all there is to it–the grip. The other stuff is easy. When you do the card spring, you are actually gripping the cards in the complete opposite position compared to the riffle shuffle. When you riffle through the cards, you are holding your thumb in a way to bend the cards slightly face up–towards you. But, in a card spring you are giving the cards a curve towards the ground. This “tunnel”(what is used in the riffle shuffle cascading effect, but not the actual riffle) is the key to a good card spring.

So, you want to hold the deck in whichever hand feels more comfortable. Most people hold the deck in their dominant hand and then spring the cards to their other hand, however others like to catch with their dominant hand. Either way, it does not really make a big difference.

The deck should be vertical in your hands. If you are holding the deck in your right or left hand, your thumb should be on the bottom of the deck, and the rest of your fingers on top of the deck. Don’t forget to make the cards into a tunnel. Make sure that you feel that kind of “stress” in the cards, them wanting to be released.


Card Spring Grip


Catching the Cards!

The rest is relatively simple, as I mentioned earlier. If you are a good catcher, this should hopefully not be too hard. You want to slowly decrease the pressure of your thumb on the deck, releasing cards. You want to keep doing this until all the cards have been shot into your other hand.

With your catching hand, try your best to just make like a gigantic bowl. The more accurate that your shooting of the cards is, the easier it is to catch the cards. Let me tell you the truth though–a card spring DOES require practice. It took me quite a while to learn it. Just remember, that the tunnel is very important to create. Only then will you be able to properly release cards.


Quick Tip

When you are practicing to perfect the card spring, I would suggest starting out really close. Once you master that distance, you can gradually keep on going farther and farther.


That’s It!

I hoped that my explanation on the card spring helped you understand how to do it. I can guarantee that you will be able to catch all the cards perfectly in a few days, as long as you keep on practicing. If you know how to do the card spring, you can use it in most card tricks, to add a little bit of coolness to them. Enjoy springing cards!

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