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Want to be able to perform mind-blowing card tricks on your friends and family that gets AMAZING reactions? Great, because you have come to the right place! I will perform and reveal a TON of card tricks. Some of these card tricks will be easy, and others will be harder. I hope that you like my card tricks, and I am sure that with some practice, you will become a card pro!

Mind-Blowing Card Trick Revealed–“Different Colors”

This trick is phenomenal and gets outstanding reactions. This is one of my standard tricks that I perform on people. For one thing, it never messes up.  Also, as I mentioned earlier, it gets people jaws to drop. Here it is.

“All the Aces” Card Trick Revealed

Okay, this next trick is quite easy to do–though, it is still a fantastic card trick. It is called “All the Aces”.  Actually, one of my subscribers, Tyler, suggested this trick to me. Thanks dude!


Awesome Card Trick Revealed–“Cut It”

I am pretty sure that you get impressed if you see a magician coughing YOUR card out of his/her mouth, or maybe pulling it out of their ear. Well, guess what? You’re in luck because I am going to show you how to do just that. I hope you like this trick–it is definitely one of my favorites. Definitely watch the video below.

Easy Cool Card Trick Revealed–Shuffle E’m

Just a simple card force that fools SO many people!

Amazing Card Trick Revealed–“Flip A Lot”

This is a really old card trick that I made up. In fact, I think that it was my very first card trick that I came up with! It’s a pretty cool trick, called “Flip A Lot”. Check it out.

Here is the performance of the trick by me.

And then here is the reveal.

Self-Working Card Trick Revealed–“Ace Through King”

Okay, this is an extremely simple, self-working card trick. You, the magician, don’t even need to really be there! Credit goes to my sister for showing me this card trick–thanks! 🙂 So yeah, just watch the video below–it’s still a really cool card trick. I call it “Ace Through King”.

 “Card Self-Revealing” Card Trick Revealed

Now, this is one of those common tricks that a lot of people know. So, you might know this trick–though the way that I am going to teach you how to do this trick is much easier than the method that like ALL of the people who perform this trick do. Yeah, just watch the video and I’m sure that you’ll like the trick. 🙂

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