Custom Playing Cards

Custom Playing Cards That Will Wow Your Friends


Custom playing cards are the coolest — whenever I get out my customized playing cards, I get a ton of questions right away — “Hey, where in the world did you get that?!!” “Can I take a look?” And most importantly –“Where can I get one of those?” So I thought I’d put together a page about my absolutely most favorite deck of cards.

My FAVORITE Playing Cards

Earlier, I posted a page on my favorite card decks.  Well of course, I do like those decks a LOT and definitely suggest that you buy them. However, there is one deck that I use the most often. And that deck is one that I haven’t mentioned to you guys before. This one is my FAVORITE of all time. It is completely different from all of the other decks out there. It’s not the Guardian Deck, the Black Arcane Deck, or the Fathom Deck. Not even the Everyday Zombie Deck or the–okay, you get the point right? Well this deck is . . .

CUSTOM PLAYING CARDS! Isn’t that so cool?

customized playing cards

What You Can Customize In Your Custom Playing Cards

Custom playing cards are basically deck of cards that you can customize, hence the name. For instance,  you can have your name engraved on the back of every single card! I personally, think that that is super cool. And I’m sure that whenever your friends or family come over, they will LOVE your customized playing cards and ask you where you got it from.

You can also put a whatever picture that you want on every card–it can be a picture of yourself, you and your friends, you and your family, or whatever picture you want!  It can’t get any better!

You are in for a deal. You can do all of this and receive it very soon only for a fabulous price, only about $20!  I would definitely recommend that you buy it now!

customized playing cards

Walk-Through For Ordering The Deck

But before you do that, I suggest that you watch the video below (I will be putting it up very shortly) which  gives  a very detailed walk-through on the best way to order the deck for the best price and all that stuff, as well as some really good tips. For one thing, you can choose what kind of cards you want your deck to be–either a standard deck of Bicycle playing cards, a blue, grey and red deck, just a blue deck, or just a pink deck, a green deck, a black and white deck, jumbo deck, E-Z See LoVision, a distressed addition, tragic royalty, and more! Personally, I am a fan of the standard Bicycle playing cards – they have the look to which most people are used on the number side of the card. On the back side of course, you can include whatever image and//or text you want, and there you have it — your very own custom playing cards deck. And there is much more than just what TYPE of deck! You can also add your picture, put some text on the card, rotate the picture, re-size the picture, and more–and I will give you an extremely detailed walk-through of all of this stuff in the video below! So what are you waiting for– just watch the video below and then order your custom playing cards!

By the way if you don’t want to watch the video, but you do want to purchase the custom playing cards, you can click here.

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