How To Spread Cards


Spreading Cards Is Used For Many Magic Tricks

Hello folks! Today I am going to teach you something that is very important for card trick magicians to know. And no need to worry–this is very easy to do (and also quite stylish). I shall teach you how to spread a deck of cards out. This is used for magic tricks quite often–the magician spreads out the cards and has the spectator pick a card. I am quite sure that you have seen magicians do that. However this is my no means the only reason why knowing how to spread cards is very important. You can also instantaneously identify a card in the deck, if you spread the cards out face up. The point I am trying to state (as you can hopefully probably see) is that knowing how to spread cards is one of those things that you have got to know how to do. I am very confident that by the end of today, you will already have become a master at knowing how to spread cards, since it is so easy to do.

Deck Of Cards Spread Out


Type Of Deck

Let me start by saying that you cannot spread a very old deck. The newer the deck the better. Although, you can still perform a perfect spread of cards with a not so new deck too. Just keep in mind that it can not be an overly old deck. In addition, if you have a Bicycle deck that would probably be the best. Bicycle decks are known to be one of the few decks that have such a great card finish. Of course, you can do it with other decks too, but I would recommend the Bicycle deck, since it is easier.

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Placement of Hands

Now, let me actually start explaining how to spread cards. So, when you ask most people to spread cards they will take their dominant hand and place that hand’s palm on the deck. Then they will slowly slide the cards one way trying to spread them. However, this is incorrect. What you want to do if you are right-handed is place your thumb on the left of the deck, first finger on top of the deck, and your remaining fingers on the right side of the deck. If you are lefty you want to place your thumb on the right side of the deck, your first finger still on top, and your second finger, third finger, and pinky on the left side of the deck.


The Actual Spread

So, now you have your grip–the most important and toughest part. The rest is quite easy. You want to slowly move the deck whichever way feels more comfortable. For right handed people, that would mostly be going left. For lefties it would probably be going right. You want to make sure that you do the spread slower than you think. If you do it to fast, the cards may get too close together, or too far away. Remember, the slower the better.


Stress Reliever!

Once you have a nice spread, you can take one of the cards one either end and lift it up. A chain reaction will occur, like dominoes, as all the other cards will turn face up too. It looks very cool. You can even put your finger on the tip of the cards in the middle and move it around. To me it is a real stress reliever!


Come Back Soon!

Do not forget to come back to this website very often, where you can learn new things similar to this. I am sure with a little bit of practice, you will know perfectly how to spread cards. I hope that you enjoyed this post. See you next time!

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