You Must Know How To Shuffle A Deck Of Cards!

Okay, you need to know how to shuffle cards. That’s like one of those things that you HAVE to know how to do–if you want to be a pretty good card trick magician, that is. Now, I know that you might know how to shuffle cards. But wait! Do not leave the page yet. I will be teaching you how to regularly shuffle, as well as the riffle shuffle. Not only that, but I will teach you some false shuffles–the false riffle shuffle and some false cuts. Trust me, by reading this page you will benefit as your card tricks will dramatically improve.


Regular Shuffle

I think that we all know how to do a regular shuffle, right? Let me just give like a one-sentence explanation. So, all that you want to do is take a portion of cards, (usually from the bottom) take them out of the deck face down and then place them on top. Keep repeating that motion as fast as you can and BOOM you have a shuffled deck. I didn’t make a YouTube video or a separate page for the regular shuffle, because even if you didn’t know how to do it, just read this paragraph one more time and I’m sure that you’ll be able to shuffle a pack of cards. Trust me, it’s not that hard.


Riffle Shuffle

Riffle Shuffle

Okay, now we will get a little more advanced. I am going to teach you how to riffle shuffle. I actually have a separate page on the riffle shuffle, so just click the link right above to view that page. I also have a YouTube video and stuff on that page. But anyways, I’ll just give a quick explanation here.

So for the riffle shuffle, what you want to do is divide the deck as best as you can into two even piles. Then on one side of the pile grip it with your thumb, and hold the other side of the pile with the rest of your fingers. You want to have this grip for both of the packs.

Then, you want to “riffle”, meaning let go of, as close to one card that you can from each pile. Continue this until there are no more cards in your hand.

After that you can push the cards together and you will have a shuffled deck. Though, if you want to do the cool cascading effect, you want to put your thumb in the center and apply lots of pressure. Hold the ends of the two piles with all of your other fingers and curve the cards towards the floor. This will look like a tunnel. Then, all you have to do is slowly release the pressure that you are putting.

As I said, this is just a really quick explanation. So, if you haven’t already, click the link above, where you will be able to learn this shuffle properly and in more detail!


False Riffle Shuffle

False Riffle Shuffle

Just like I did for the riffle shuffle, I’m going to just give a very brief tutorial on how to perform a false riffle shuffle. Therefore, please click the link right above so you can see a much more detailed and better tutorial–as well as some YouTube videos. Anyways, here is the quick version,.

There are actually two ways that you can false riffle shuffle. The first way starts off by dividing the deck into 2 piles, and riffling the cards down. Then pretend that you are horizontally and properly pushing the cards together, when you are really diagonally pushing the cards together. This separates the two piles,and you simply have to make a cut to restore the order of the cards.

The second way that you can false riffle shuffle–in my opinion–is a bit harder. So what you want to do is divide the deck into 2 piles and riffle them down onto the table–the same routine for a regular riffle shuffle. But once you have the cards riffled down on the table, is when this method of false riffle shuffling gets different. You have to touch your first finger from one hand to your pinky on the other hand and behind the cards, Then you perform the cascading effect, and the cards are slightly split into two piles.Pull the pile with the top card out and make a cut, by placing that pile on the top.

You will understand what I mean MUCH better if you click the link, because not only do I explain this in more detail, but I also have put up some YouTube videos there.


False Cuts

False Cuts

So cuts are when you take a portion from the deck and place it somewhere else; this will mix up the order of the deck. Though, false cuts are when the spectator is under the misconception that you are making cuts, but that you are actually not as you can make the order of the deck back to what it originally was. Definitely check out my page on false cuts. . . just click the link above.

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