False Cuts


What Exactly ARE Cuts?

Cuts are basically when you divide the deck into a random number of portions, and then randomly stack the portions on top of each other. This messes the order of the cards up. Though, of course, false cuts are when you knowingly stack the portions on top of each other–eventually they will be in the order exactly the same of what they were before you started making the cuts in the deck.


Example of False Cuts

An extremely simple false cut is splitting the deck in half, and touching the two portions together. Then, drop the bottom portion down on a table and place the top pile right on top. Of course, this will not mess the order of the deck up at ALL. And, you wouldn’t think that his would fool someone, but trust me, it totally does. I am in no doubt that if I did it on you, you would have been fooled.


190 Helix Cut

The 190 Helix Cut with a 360 degree spin, is a little more advanced way to make false cuts in the deck. Personally, it is one of my favorites false cuts to do. This is a video by mismag822, a card trick magician on YouTube.


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