False Riffle Shuffle


False Riffle Shuffle–Way 1

There are actually two ways that you can false riffle shuffle. Though, the first one that I will tell you is much more convincing than the second way. By the way, if you do not know how to do a proper riffle shuffle, I have made a page of how to do so. You must know how to perform a regular riffle shuffle before learning the false shuffle. So if you don’t know how to riffle shuffle, click here.

Now to false riffle shuffle, the beginning is much like a regular riffle shuffle. So you will first divide the piles in 2–trying to split it as close to evenly as possible. Riffle them down onto a table–if you have one–or in the air, if you know how to do that. (It is basically the same thing as on a table, except you need to put some of your fingers under the cards while you are riffling and shuffling them, so that they don’t fly all over the place.)

Once they all of the cards are riffled down, act as if you are going to go into the cascading effect. Though before you actually “tunnel” the cards, make sure that the first finger of your left hand is touching the pinky of your right hand. This will twist the cards in such a way, that when you release the cards they will be separated into two piles. Just casually, make a cut then, as you will place the pile that was on top before you riffled the cards, on top. This method of false riffle shuffling is actually very simple, thought it takes a bit of practice. However, once you master it, you will be able to perform many cool card tricks as well as tons of other things.

This is a video by howtoDisturbReality. Check it out.


False Riffle Shuffle–Way 2

Okay, now on to the other way to false shuffle. Though, to tell you the truth, I like the first method MUCH better, as it is way more convincing to the spectator that you have actually jumbled up the cards, as opposed to this second method of how to false riffle shuffle. Anyway, I’ll tell it to you. What you do is split the cards into two portions and riffle them down. But, when you are riffling down the cards you want to have the cards face you, and you want to try to cover the cards up a bit with your hand. This is a much more secretive way of riffle shuffling. Once you are done with riffling the cards down, push the piles diagonally. This will cause you to clearly see the two portions that you had split in the beginning. And remember that since your hands are covering the spectator’s vision of the cards, they cannot see all of this. So, you then want to make a cut, where you will put the portion that was on the top before you started riffling, back on the top. This is the second method on how to perform a false riffle shuffle.

This a video by professional YouTuber mismag822. You should check his channel out,as it is very cool.


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